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Tommaso Papetti was born in Moncalieri on January 16, 1993.

He studied at the International School of Cinematography in Cuba (EICTV) with a specialist degree in Production and Directing,

and previously he graduated from Albe Steiner's Institute for Audiovisual Engineers with master in video Editing and Colorist.
At the age of 16, in parallel with studies, he start working in the entertainment world following theatrical performances, short films, television fiction and later videoclips and feature films.

"Do what you believe in, believe in what you do."



As Freelance he collaborate with Productions and Companies working such as: Editor, AD, Live streaming director and Production Assistant.


In 2013 he started to shoot his first low budget videos with a short movie for an environmental communication called 'River Eyes'.

In 2015, he win the second prize in the "Let me See" contest promoted by the CIR (Italian Refugee Council) with a short film of sensitization later broadcasted by RAI.

The same year he realize an advertising campaign screened in loop during the EXPO of Milan.

In 2016 he is selected with a short movie at the Nikon European Film Festival and at the short film festival 'Per un pugno di corti 17'.

The same year he is selected at the See You Sound Music Film Festival and at the gLocal Film Festival for the videoclip 'What you do me me' later broadcasted on MTV New Generation.

Between 2017 and 2018 he win several advertising competitions by making web spots later acquired from crowdsourcing platforms.

Between 2016 and 2019 he made several short films selected in Festivals and movie events including the 2018 Cortinametraggio Short Film Festival where he was nominated among the three young authors of the 'Generetion Future'.

In 2020 he won the Torino Factory 'Cinema delle valli' contest organized by Piemonte Movie, making a short film in collaboration with the Piemonte Film Commission, previewed at the 38TFF {Torino Film Festival 2020}.

In 2021 one of his short films recived the nomination at Paris Film Festival.



2022 Black Cat Award Internation Film Fest (FR)

2022 China International CSEP [Conferance of Science and Education] (CN)

2022 Renauc Film Festival (FR)

2022 Venaria in Corto (ITA)

2022 Corto in Corte (ITA)

2022 Too Short To Wait (ITA)

2022 Figari Internationa Video Library (ITA)

2022 Continental Film Festival (UE)

2021 Paris Film Festival (FR)

2021 Movie Valley International Film Fest

2021 Terni Film Festival (ITA)

2021 Job Film Days (ITA)

2021 Corto in corte (ITA)

2021 Noble International Film Festival (IN)

2020 38TFF (ITA)

2020 La Lanterna Film Festival (ITA) 

2020 gLocal film festival (ITA)

2020 Pescara Film Festival (ITA) 

2019 Scrittura e Immagine Short Film Festival (ITA)

2019 Horror and Fantasy Film Festival (U.S.A)

2019 Too Short To Wait (ITA)

2018 Cortinametraggio (ITA)

2017 Per un pugno di corti (ITA)

2017 Nikon European Film Festival (UE)

2016 See You Sound Music Film Festival (ITA)

2016 Sevigliana Film Festival (ITA)

2016 gLocal Film Festival (ITA)

2014 Concorso: Fammi Vedere ; CIR (Italian Refugee Council



2021 The White Monkey - SHORT FILM

2021 Domani - SHORT FILM

2021 Rosso - SHORT FILM

2020 Little Noir; Gioco De Hombre - MEDIUM-LENGTH FILM

2019 Golden Dream - SHORT FILM

2019 Promo Little Noir - PITCH TEASER

2018 Non al Lavoro, non all'Amore nè al Cibo - SHORT FILM

2017 Parole Note; Radio Capital - ART PRT.

2017 Ibidem - PERFORMING ART

2016 Just a daily battle - SHORT FILM

2014 Travel; Rai - SHORT FILM

2013 Il barile, il pescatore, il fiume e la fabbrica che lo inquinò - SHORT FILM


2023 The Andrè; Le cose che voglio - VIDEOCLIP

2023 Jane & The Boy; Save Myself - VIDEOCLIP

2019 Kasmata; La sposa del mare - VIDEOCLIP

2019 Massimigliano Semenzato: Ninna nanna - VIDEOCLIP

2019 Kasmata; Bussola - LIVE SESSION

2019 Random String Quartet: Star Wars theme - VIDEOCLIP

2018 Kasmata; Asteroidi - VIDEOCLIP

2018 Random String Quartet: Jurassic Park theme- VIDEOCLIP

2018 Brunori Sas - VIta liquida - LYRIC VIDEO

2018 Brunori Sas - Costume da torero - LYRIC VIDEO

2018 Camouflage release - ALBUM RELEASE

2018 Dance 4 Change - PROMO

2017 Ell3; Camouflage; Vevo - VIDEOCLIP

2017 25 Novembre contro la violenza sulle donne - INFO CAMPAIGN

2017 Random String Quartet; Beauty and the beast theme - VIDEOCLIP

2016 Buzzy Lao; Ora Che; Inri - VIDEOCLIP

2016 Reset Festival Torino 2016 - PILLOLE WEB

2016 Busking Here - PILLOLE WEB

2016 Sofar Sound Turin - LIVE SESSION

2016 Blenk; Say My Name - LYRIC VIDEO

2016 Random String quartet; Acoutic Session - VIDEOCLIP

2015 L.A. Woods; What you do to me; MTV New Generation - VIDEOCLIP


2024 Brewery; Original Flavor - SPOT WEB

2024 Silvetti; Love Story - ADV

2024 Gravity; Movement - SPOT WEB

2024 CED; Escuela de Danza - SPOT WEB

2023 Ferskir; Ask the experts - ADV

2023 Ferretti Group Campaign - SOCIAL CAMPAIGN

2022 Jane & The Boy - ALBUM RELEASE

2022 Saganaky; Welcome - ADV

2022 Saganaky; Bording Pass - ADV

2022 Brutus; Store - ADV

2021 Ducati Scrambler - ADV

2021 WPT - CATALOGO 21

2020 L'Oréal - CATALOGO INOA

2019 Alfa Romeo Racing - CUSTOMERS EVENT

2019 Pescheria Gallina - ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN

2019 GoBike - SPOT WEB

2018 Tic tac; Pop Art - SPOT WEB

2018 Chetariffa; Tempo risparmiato - SPOT WEB

2018 Nespresso talents / Cafè y poesia - SPOT WEB

2018 Ip International - CORPORATE SPOT

2017 Poste Italiane; La posta dei desideri - SPOT WEB

2017 Radio Capital; Parole Note - SPOT WEB

2017 Kinder; da 50 anni sempre con te - SPOT WEB

2017 Buchanan's; Cada gran invento - SPOT WEB

2017 Kinder; Made of Happy - SPOT WEB

2017 Clear; Anti-Dandruff Stories - SPOT WEB

2017 Opening info point Emergency Torino - SPOT WEB

2017 Orogel Contorno Leggerezza - SPOT WEB

2016 Reset Festival Torino 2016 - ADVERTISING

2016 Busking Here - PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS

2016 Torino Jazz Festival sezione Fringe 2015 ; La Stampa - ADVERTISING

2016 Il seme del nemico; Emergency - SPOT WEB

2015 Opening Gallina - LIVE EVENT

2015 Coloridea - SPOT WEB/ pt

2015 "Pesce Ricercato" ; EXPO Milano 2015 - ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN

2014 Tidal Wave; Run - SPOT WEB

2014 Le FouRire - PROMO


2023-24 Collaborator at What If Studio

2019-23 Collaborator at the production company: Filmika

2022-23 Collaborator at: Ars Media s.r.l

20120-23 Collaborator at: Be.Polar Studio
2020 Jeep Models: Compass, Wrangler for 'Sala Giochi Srl'

2020 Jeep Models: Cherokee, Renegade for 'Sala Giochi Srl'

2019 Alfa Romeo Evnt for ‘Ideal Comunicazioni’

2019 Shooting Services for 'Fargo Film'

2019 Pininfarina; Wind Tunnel - COMMERCIAL

2019 Editor & Colorist at the production company 'Smart Factory'

2019 Respiri - DOCUMENTARY

2018 Equilibri - PHOTO EXHIBITION

2017 Palio di Asti - LIVE SPORT GRP TV

2017 Nike Air - SPOT WEB

2017 Tv docu Services for GRP (TV) - REPORTAGE DOC

2016 Fiat Talento; Fargo Film - COMMERCIAL

2016 Marta sui tubi; "Amico pazzo" - VIDEOCLIP

2016 Francesco Camussi ; "You are the best"- VIDEOCLIP

2014 - 2015 Director of live  streaming services by V.I.M.A. - LIVE VIDEO SERVICES

2014 San Salvario - TV SERIES

2014 Press; Luna Film - FILM

2013 Andy l’alieno third prize social stories 2013 - SHORT FILM

2013 Fuori classe II ; RAI - TV SERIES

2013 Fuga di cervelli ; Colorado Film- FILM

2012 Abbiamo tutta la notte; winner “tuttoin48ore” - SHORT FILM

2011  Contatto; Guerrieri - VIDEOCLIP

2011 Il mio amico Walter Chiari; RAI - FILM TV

2010  Spot Telecom by Holden School of Torino - SPOT WEB

2009 Fuori classe; RAI - TV SERIES

2009 Non è un paese per supereroi by Holden School of Torino  - COMMERCIAL

2009 L’ultimo partigiano -  winner of  "Filmare la storia 09" - SHORT FILM

2008 Spot Vodafone Internet Key - COMMERCIAL

2008 Spot Virtual Reality of Torino - COMMERCIAL


2017-2018 L'amore è un'altra cosa; directed by Alberto Rossi 

2012 Stage show: Commedia dell’Arte ; directed by Eugenio Allegri

2010 Romeo and Juliet; Tangram Theatre

2010 Hamlet; Tangram  Theatre
2009 Macbeth; Tangram Theatre

2009 A Midsummer Night's Dream; Tangram Theatre

2009 Stage show: Ionesco (reads) ; Tangram Theatre

2008 Jerusalem; Stalker Theatre
2008 Pinocchia ; Tangram Theatre
2008 Turistic tours for the agency 'Somewhere' 
2008 Stage show: 'J come JEANS E LOOK' during  “le parole del ‘68” by 'Circolo dei lettori'

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